You Don’t Have To Go Out Out

Would you rather do something productive with your days off instead of being hella hungover?

We’ve put together a few ideas that will not only be better for your health but your bank balance too.

– Get Cultured

Taking a trip to the cinema, theatre or comedy club doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you don’t mind sitting in the restricted seats. They’re never quite as bad as you expect.

If you fancy seeing a bit more of your new City, take a look at the following posts that are full of historical ideas for your nerdy side…

* Nottingham

* Lincoln

* Manchester

* Stockton-On-Tees

– Join A Society

Joining a society is the best way to meet like-minded individuals and escape the everyday uni stuff.

– Stay In

Who said staying in has to be boring? It’s time to break out the duvets, order pizza and make popcorn for a girls (or guys) night in.

Netflix it is!

– Exercise

Even if you don’t want to stump up the money to use the gym you can still do plenty without one.

Get out for a walk/run or put on a Youtube HIIT video and get to it.

– Dinner’s Up

Instead of going out every Saturday, why not get into the habit of staying in and having a meal together.

Everybody can chip in a small amount for ingredients and take it in turns to cook.

– Act Like A Kid Again

Trampolining, Laser Quest, Bowling and paintballing are loads of fun, great ways to burn off energy and places like this usually have discounted student evenings too.

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