Going Green On A Student Budget

It can be easy to feel like going green takes more effort (and cost) than it can possibly be worth. I mean, you’re just one person who surely won’t make a difference, right? Wrong! All any of us can do to contribute to the global clean up, is what we can. And, every little really does help.

Whether that means one less single-use plastic bottle ending up in the ocean, or you influencing your friends (and them, their friends), we really can make a difference. What’s more, there really isn’t any need for your efforts to cost much. In fact, they might even save you money.

Zero-Waste Shopping

An increasing number of cities are opening zero-waste shops (a simple Google search will tell you if there is one near you), where packaging is banned. You might assume that shopping at these outlets will be more expensive, but that’s not always the case!
Many of the typical things that you will be picking up on your student food shop will be cheaper at a zero-waste store – think rice, pasta and cereals. So, save your takeaway Tupperware and take them on a refill mission to your local eco-shop.

Wonky Fruit and Veg

If there isn’t a zero-waste shop near you, then focus your attention on shopping smart in your supermarket. Food waste is a massive environmental problem, and much of the issue is down to the selection process. You can save almost half the price on your fruits and vegetables if you turn a blind eye to their shape.
For example, a 1kg bag of Morrison’s own white onions will cost you £1, whereas the same amount of ‘wonky’ onions comes in at 65p. No one is going to notice the shape of your veg once it’s all chopped up! It’s a no-brainer.

Take Public Transport

Having a car at Uni is probably as pointless as it is a luxury. Most student halls are on a public transport route to the universities, and into the city centre. Sure, a car is more convenient, but with student tickets on public transport, it might even work out cheaper to get a monthly ticket, than paying for petrol…

Re-usable Coffee Cups and Water Bottles

This is one of the only things on the list which might cost you more, but t his cost can be offset. The number of single-use drinks containers being thrown away daily is mind-boggling. With many coffee shops offering discounts to customers who bring their own coffee cup, the cost of that eco-beaker will be covered in no time!

Take a Packed Lunch

This is another money saver, as well as a simple change that can help to reduce unnecessary waste. Simply make a little bit more food when you make dinner, or just rustle up a quick sandwich. Either way, not forking out on that £3 meal deal every day is good for everyone, (except for Tesco maybe).

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