Money saving tips for your utility bills

When you move from your student digs in to a shared house you’ll likely be paying for bills. If

managed properly they can become easily affordable but if pushed back for months the bills will soon

start totting up.

As well as cost effective it’s environmentally friendly to save energy. You can make your money go

that little bit further with these little changes.

1. Turn off unused appliances

Turn off all unused appliances off throughout the house when you’re asleep. This will make sure

you’re not paying for energy in hours when it’s not needed. This includes those pretty fairy lights,


2. Turn the thermostat down

If even by a few reductions, turn down the temperature to your hot water and heating system and it

will reduce your bills. Turn down the thermostat by a degree or two and remember to turn heating

right down. Make sure everything’s off over the summer holidays if no one is in.

3. Layer up!

During the cold months layer up. It might seem obvious but wearing a jumper or a dressing gown will

make you turn down he heaters down without feeling the difference.

4. Microwave your food

We’re not saying microwave all of your food but where you can, heat your food up in the microwave

as food cooks in a fraction of the time.

If you do use an oven, cook with your housemates and leave the oven door open after your meal to

warm your home.

5. Save water on a cuppa

Boil just enough water for what you need as electricity costs around three times as much as gas to

heat water, so boiling any extra water will increase costs over time.

6. Washing and drying

Never put on a half load of washing – always make sure you wait till there is enough for a full load or

you will be wasting energy. Wash your clothes at 30ºC rather than 40ºC and choose a quick wash if

available. Avoid tumble dryers at all costs – a clothes airer in front of the window will be sufficient and

save so much money.

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