Things to do in freshers’ week that don’t include drinking

BOOM! Finally, it’s arrived. The first week of university, and it’s going to be massive. Late nights, drinking games, shots, nightclubs, and takeaways. But worry not, if drinking isn’t your thing we’ve got you covered with some activities for freshers week that help you to avoid the booze but still have fun! 

Get to know people at your accommodation

A fantastic way to enjoy freshers’ week is getting to know the people you live with. At Mezzino we have residential coordinators who are there to support you whilst you stay with us, answer your questions and help organise events. Many Mezzino locations have events programmes that you can get involved with.

Why not get organising yourself? Depending on your Mezzino location you could organise a table tennis competition, a pool tournament or a gaming night.

There are lots of possibilities. Here’s a few more ideas: a quiz afternoon, a treasure hunt, a floor ‘fuddle’ or team cook, a board game marathon, a backgammon championship, a talent show or a murder mystery night. Or what about going all out and arranging a charity amateur dramatics performance or a bake sale?

Daytime freshers’ week activities

Universities provide a range of freshers’ week activities and they’ll be something for everyone.

Things going on in the day might include mini-musical festivals, opportunities to try out new clubs or learn new skills, walking tours to get to know your city or town, or trips out to get to know the local area and see the sights. You might even see a few circus acts or magicians.

Most things will be free or at a low cost. Don’t miss the freshers’ fair, where businesses try to attract you to shop with them by offering discounts cards and the occasional freebee.

Cinema and bowling

How about a movie marathon at the cinema? Or a bowling competition with your Mezzino student neighbours? You can bond with new friends discussing and critiquing the film or giggle about your bowling skills.

A movie marathon doesn’t need to be at the cinema. Streaming movies instead creates the opportunity of themed marathons. Watch some back-to-back 80s action, 90s comedy or 00s romance. And why not do all this at your Mezzino accommodation in our communal areas? Speak to your Mezzino residential coordinator about what’s possible.

If cinema and bowling aren’t your thing, why not try crazy golf or axe throwing?

Celebrate the morning

Whilst others are sleeping in with heavy heads get out and about to embrace the morning.

A brisk walk to explore the town, a trip to the local coffee shop or a breakfast treat of pancakes or eggs with new friends is a much more wholesome way to start the day during freshers’ week before the studies start in earnest.

If you are an active person, exercising in the morning can also be a great way to get energised and boost your well-being for the day and get you ready for your studies.

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