Signs You Are Living In A Student House

Student houses are known for being grimy and noisy. Whoever thought to put a group of young adults together in a house was going to be anything other than dirty?

Here are the signs you are part of that…

– Group Chat

Your group chats will get so intense every time you look at your phone there will always be 100 unread messages. Always about the electric bill, who turns it is to take the bin out and savage bantz.

– Food

People will ALWAYS steal your food. All the items that don’t need to be refrigerated/frozen will start stacking up in your bedroom so your housemates can’t get their greedy little mitts on them.

– Drinks

Pre-drinks to be more specific. Everybody will always pile round yours for pre-drinks. There will be empty beer cans/bottle ornaments in all of the windows that will live there for all of time, well, until you move out and have to clean. Gotta get that bond back.

– Washing Up

No-one will ever wash up EVER! Your dishes are more likely to get up and walk off before somebody cleans them.
You will know exactly what your housemates have eaten by the stack of pots in and around the sink. You will become okay with eating beans straight from the tin.

– Damp

Yep, students notoriously reside in big, old houses that unfortunately are renowned for damp. Not that your landlord would ever agree.

– There Are Zero Unsociable Hours

Drying your hair at midnight, chucking some washing in at 3 am and having a Netflix marathon starting at 11p, will literally phase no-one.

– Embarrassing Stories

By the end of your tenancy, you will have so many stories about each other you could each write a pretty hefty book.

Remember that time…

LOL LOL LOL forever.

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