Your University Essentials Checklist

Moving to University and away from the nest is no mean feat, especially with the truck load of stuff you may think you need to take with you. Try and remember that you really won’t need the entire contents of your home bedroom or those ‘just in case’ items.

We have listed all of your university essentials below so you can tick them off as you go along, simple…

Important Documents

– Passport or other photo ID
– University acceptance letter
– Student loan correspondence
– Accommodation details and contracts
– Bank cards
– National Insurance card/number
– Any insurance documents you may need

Room Essentials

– Duvet and pillows
– Duvet cover and pillow cases x2 (you will need to change them)
– Blanket
– Laundry Basket
– Coat Hangers
– Desk Lamp
– Alarm clock
– Towels
– House Plant (optional)

Bathroom Essentials

– Shampoo and conditioner
– Deodorant
– Shower Gel
– Handwash
– Razor
– Hair brush
– Toilet roll
– Sanitary products
– Toothbrush and toothpaste


– Underwear
– Sportswear
– Swimwear
– Usual casual clothing
– Going out outfits
– Dressing gown
– Slippers
– Pj’s
– Trainers
– Smart clothing and shoes (for possible interviews)
– Casual shoes
– Coat and jacket
– Hat, gloves, and scarf


– Cutlery (enough for yourself)
– Plates, mugs, and bowls (again enough for yourself)
– Frying pan and a saucepan
– Scissors
– Baking tray
– Oven glove
– Tea towels
– Washing up liquid
– Scouring sponge and cloth
– Tupperware and sandwich bags


– Laptop or computer
– Mobile phone and charger
– USB stick
– Printer
– Headphones
– Extension Cable
– A small TV


– Pens and pencils
– A4 printer paper
– A4 lined notepad
– Post it notes
– Highlighters
– Calendar/diary
– Paper clips
– Stapler and staples
– Sellotape
– Textbooks (look out for second-hand ones as these can be costly)

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